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The Cell Phones Lake Shore Drive Music Video

Official music video by The Cell Phones performing Lake Shore Drive off the album No (out December 2nd, 2016 via No Trend Records)

Ian Issitt Cameraman DP Reel 2016 Los Angeles

These are some of my favorite shots. This spans three continents, and unknown hours of traveling enjoyment. To travel for my craft while telling extraordinary stories is my goal. What’s your story?

Ian Issitt Cameraman Interview Reel Los Angeles

Having the chance to meet and interview creative and interesting people is the highlight of this profession. I am continually impressed and amazed by the stories I get to hear. Tell me a new one, I’m listening.



The Cell Phones "Tuesday"

Osprey Packs - Hiking

I wanted to share the feeling I get when I'm out hiking. Calm, Collected, Cool! Filmed in Angeles National Forest, Los Angeles County, California.

Accademia dellArte - Dario Fo Project

The Fo Project - Italy

I had the unique pleasure to work this ongoing project. I am currently editing three years of footage into a feature length documentary.

The Cell Phones Tuesday Music Video

The Cell Phones - "TUESDAY"

The Chicago powerhouse trio of awesomeness that is The Cell Phones, a burning phoenix in the sky of music. Behold.

BSP Film - Cool Dog

BSP Films - Cool Dog

I am one of the founding members of BSP. We've made some really strange things over the years. The performaces in this video are not to be missed.

The Bay! Best Drone movie you have ever seen.


Netflix's Newest Original Series featuring the waters from high above the Fog City. Majestically soaring to new heights in entertainment! Prepare for take off! Sailboats! Bridges! Explosions! This Summer! jk

clifton meador

ArtDrift - Clifton Meador

I created a documentary series about working artists. I think they still stand up, and I'll be working on new ones soon!

Helping clients clearly and efficiently convey their ideas is my number one goal. Teamwork, Listening, & Unmistakably


Richard Sherman Songs of a Lifetime

Richard Sherman - Songs of a Lifetime

Highlights from Oscar winning song writer and composer Richard M. Sherman's PBS special 'Songs Of A Lifetime'. Featuring all the Disney Classics!

Trep Life, INC Magazine

Trep.Life - Aaron Levie of BOX

We went behind the scenes to capture the daily Grind, Hustle, and Payoff of entrepreneurs from Chicago to Silicon Valley, Nashville to New York City.

Chicago Children's Theatre - Mr. Chickee's Funny Money - Director of Photography, Editor

CCT - Mr. Chickee's Funny Money

Bringing music lovers of all ages together. This musical mystery follows the adventures of Steven, president of the "Flint Future Detectives Club."

Mastercard - Imagination at Play: Masters of Code

Imagination at Play: Masters of Code

Mastercard's global competition is getting fierce and the events are reaching new heights. The series' seventh stop is the MissionHUB in downtown SF.

World Circus Documentary

World Circus Documentary

Following five international circus acts as they train and perfect their performances in preparation to compete in Monte Carlo.

22 Years From Home

22 Years From Home

Kuek was separated from his family during the Sudanese Civil War. He now journeys back to Sudan to reunite with his family for the first time.

Maddie Jane Impossible by Shontelle

Maddie Jane - Impossible by Shontelle

Maddie Jane is a highly successful singer and songwriter. She has over one million subscribers and three hundred million views on YouTube.

University of Louisville, Dead Man Walking Trailer

UofL - Dead Man Walking

This searing drama provides an eyewitness account of the death penalty in the U.S. Written by Tim Robbins, Produced by The University of Louisville.

Traegonia Rachael Russakoff

World of Traegonia

Welcome to The World of Traegonia where mystical things really do happen. Stop Motion Animation by Rachael Russakoff.

Cameraman Ian Issitt in Glacier National Park  
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It all began with a Sony Hi8 video camera my friend got for christmas. We would edit by connecting the camera to our vcr and record onto VHS. I took photography classes in high school and learned how to develop black and white photos. In college we edited 16mm film together with razor blades and tape. My first job out of college was at a camera rental store in Chicago. Then a staff photographer for the largest auction houses there. I've been lead vidographer at two major universities. Jewelry photographer for the largest online retailer. And most recently Director of Photography for a Berkeley based production company.


I am now accepting booking for commercial work, documentaries, and corporate videos. I offer 10 years of professional work experience, and enjoy collaborating with like minded professionals who have a unique vision they wish to convey.

Freelance Cameraman / Director of Photography based in Los Angeles, CA (available internationaly). I follow a strong work ethic and provide 10 years of professional production experience in commercials, documentaries, and corporate videos.

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